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CROWD – international dance exchange is a collaborative network of dance organisations. Together we seek to support dance makers who engage with communities as part of their practice.

We do this through hosting residencies and opening up space for discussion and knowledge development, supporting dance artists with an established practice in community-engaged dance-making to build their professional network, exchange experience with others in the field and develop their practice.

HistoryCROWD – international dance exchange was initiated by the Goethe-Institut in 2021 to forge connections between some of the leading dance institutions across Europe. The intention was to explore and share practice within community-engaged dance and provide a platform for exchange and development for dance artists. Funded by the Goethe-Institut, Arts Council England, NRW KULTURsekretariat, Nordisk Kulturfond and Creative Scotland.

Since the first residency programme in 2021 which supported 6 artists, CROWD has grown to include more partners and artists, allowing the network to widen our reach and raise our ambition to explore, develop and share community-engaged dance.


The CROWD – international dance exchange partnership is made up of the following partner organisations:

Bora Bora – Dance and Visual Theatre – Aarhus, Denmark | Dance Limerick – Limerick, Ireland | FABRIC – Birmingham & Nottingham, England | Dansateliers – Rotterdam, Netherlands | Dansverkstæðið – Reykjavík, Iceland | Pottporus – Herne, Germany | TaikaBox – Oulu, Finland | TanzFaktur – Cologne, Germany | The Work Room – Glasgow, Scotland

Funded by:

Goethe-Institut – Germany, Finland, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark (and around the world) | Arts Council England – UK | NRW KULTURsekretariat – Germany | Nordisk Kulturfond – Nordic Region | Creative Scotland – UK

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