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In 2023, we hosted CROWD residencies on our Nottingham and Birmingham sites. Bakani Pick-Up (UK) and Shaquille George (NL) were in residence with us in Nottingham.

Another 10 artists came together in pairs for two 2-week residencies hosted by the partners for the third year of the CROWD – international dance exchange residency programme.

Bakani Pick-Up and Shaquille George’s residency brought the artists together in a first meeting, sharing their practice with each other supported by Nottingham based facilitator, Usha Mahenthiralingam. Following their Nottingham residency, Bakani and Shaquille spent two weeks in residence together at Dansateliers in Rotterdam.

The Birmingham CROWD artists and their facilitator visited Nottingham towards the end of their residencies to extend dialogue on community practice.

You can explore all the residencies further on the blog. Here, our artists, facilitators and partners share insights into their work, their artistic practice, and the time they spent together.


Artist Reflections

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We’ve been exploring the inclusive nature in which care can be considered within our communities and how the complexities of heritage and history allow us to be able to reorientate ourselves through space together.

Bakani Pick-Up



For a lot of Queer people of colour, ideas around choice, and the sense of choice is important in being able to participate and feel a sense of liberation. And so, I am considering how my practice might take this more into the forefront of its consideration, in order to provide a safer, more creative space.

Bakani Pick-Up

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