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Dan Daw

Dan Daw / A queer, disabled artist living in Birmingham, UK, Dan works collaboratively with a growing network of companies and artists to develop new work for UK and international audiences. Blurring the divide between theatre and dance, all work Dan makes becomes a part of a series of attempts.  With his work proposing that “success” and “failure” could possibly be the same thing, he plays, in different ways, with audience expectation in connection to his body’s deviating functionality.

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DanceXchange Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

Fernanda Munoz-Newsome / Born of English and Chilean descent, I am a dance artist and choreographer working since 2009. My practice involves dancing/ voicing as a political gesture, presenting between established arts organisations, alternative spaces and club scenes. Performance, collaboration and curation allow me to create spaces enabling reorientation around otherness. Crafting queer spaces, nurturing communities where care and consent promote exploration and activism these are central to my practice.


Genevieve SayDanceXchange Genevieve Say  / Originally from Leeds, I trained at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts where I was exposed to contemporary dance, musical theatre, experimental performance, pop music production, performance design and straight up theatre acting. I quickly realised I wanted to make work as well as perform in other people’s creations and began choreographing dance pieces influenced by theatre, popular culture and film. Gen is a co-founder of Birmingham Dance Network.


Jamaal Burkmar / After a few years testing and creating work primarily for theatrical spaces with support from the DanceXchange, The Place, ACE dance and music, The New Adventures Choreographic Award and others. I have begun creating work with a heavy influence on recognisable and popular music under the title of ‘Extended Play’ for online spaces. This year whilst also creating new work, Extended Play are venturing further into reaching new and non-traditional dance audiences both online and outside of the theatre


Victor FungDanceXchange Victor Fung  / An award-winning dance artist based in London and Hong Kong. His practice spans choreography, research, pedagogy and performance. He received the Award for Young Artist from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2013. He was a Clore Fellow 2016-17 under the mentorship of Wayne McGregor. Victor is currently conducting doctoral research in collaboration with Middlesex University and Dance4. He is an Associate Artist at Swindon Dance.