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Critical Mass 2022

Critical Mass began as an inclusive dance participation project designed to see 300 young people from across the West Midlands, with and without disabilities, come together through a sustained process of dance and skills development workshops, before taking centre stage at a number of high-profile events. These performances included the Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony, the opening show of the Birmingham 2022 Cultural Festival in March 2022, and Birmingham International Dance Festival in June 2022.

The Project aimed to become a blueprint for future mass performance opportunities, ensuring young people who self-identify as having disabilities and those from underrepresented backgrounds could contribute and benefit equally alongside their peers.

The Critical Mass Evaluation Report was one of nine reports released by the Birmingham 2022 Festival. These reports explore how Birmingham and the West Midlands came together for a six-month celebration of creativity.

Critical Mass Evaluation Report

Solara 2023

As part of Birmingham Festival 23 and celebrating the first anniversary of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Critical Mass Dance Collective was invited to create a new piece of work to be premiered at FABRIC’s EveryBody Dancing Day on Sun, 30 July 2023.

Zoie Golding MBE, first appointed Artist Lead for Critical Mass in 2022, returned to work with the collective to make Solara in another epic act of co-creation on a mass scale. Commissioned by FABRIC, supported by Dance Leaders Group (DLG), and funded by United by 2022.

It bought back together 83 participants from the original Critical Mass 2022 Project, 75% of whom identified as having a disability or health condition, and over 3 months, they co-create Solara.

Solara Evaluation Report