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How to balance your international ambitions with with climate responsibility.
This online session, presented as part of the Fringe Central programme 2021, explored the future of international working given the global challenges faced in 2021.

How can we realise ambitions to create and share our work around the world and to be more environmentally and socially responsible whilst we do it?

Are there options with a low-to-no carbon footprint that could inspire even more beautiful, challenging, life-changing, inclusive, and urgent work that can engage more meaningfully on the local level, that take the work into new realms of possibility in the digital space, that widen our reach, that are also more efficient, time saving and keep costs down?



Maiko Yamamoto, independent theatre artist
Kris Nelson, LIFT
David Jones, Serious
Rita Marcalo, Instant Dissidence
Kate Craddock, GIFT
Lindiwe Matshikiza, multidirectional artist
Esther Huss, independent dance artist


The event included breakout sessions on digital working, slow touring, green operational practice and concept touring.

Key thoughts, questions and tips from these sessions are recorded and available to download as a PDF by clicking the image above.


Produced in partnership with Farnham Maltings.