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During the challenging and uncertain times of the pandemic, the Dance4 Centre for Advanced Training team kept young people connected online through their love of dance with CAT Saturdays via Zoom and a collection of digital guest artist workshops.

We caught up with some new students who joined the programme during the pandemic to hear about their online CAT experience. Matilda shares her experience with us.

Tell me, how have you found joining the Dance4 CAT programme during the Covid-19 pandemic?
“Joining the CAT program during COVID-19 has been a really positive experience. Although I have only danced in the building once, I have had online classes which have been fun and beneficial for my dancing. Everyone has been so nice and makes you feel so welcome and not nervous at all.”

What are you most looking forward to about returning to the Dance4 CAT studios?
“I am really looking forward to dancing in a studio again and being able to spread out and dance full out without having to worry about space. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone and getting to know them all better. I cannot wait to be able to work closely with everyone and with different choreographers face to face.”

In what ways do you think you have developed in your dancing so far from being on the Dance4 CAT programme?
“My knowledge of strengthening different areas of my body has grown massively and although CAT has been online, the classes and choreography have been inspiring and interesting.”

How has it been having the opportunity to work with lots of different choreographers?
“Working with lots of different choreographers has given me a taste of what it might be like to work within the dance industry. It has also broadened my experience of the way a range of different choreographers use different styles of dance. And I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I am looking forward to carrying on with this.”