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Interested in joining our Centre for Advanced Training programme? You can find out how to apply here.

Entry to the Centre for Advanced Training programme is via admissions workshops only. Admissions workshops are held annually, usually in the summer for entry onto the programme the following September.

The admissions workshop is your opportunity to demonstrate your potential by taking part in a practical dance session and creative workshop in front of a selection panel. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer places outside this process.

Admissions Workshops

Previous dance experience is not necessary as we are looking for young people with enthusiasm, potential and commitment to training.

If you’re interested in joining FABRIC’s Centre for Advanced Training programme, email to find out more, and book a free taster event.

Admissions workshops take place annually in the summer term, for a September intake.

To get involved and gain more experience in the lead-up to our next recruitment phase, see our Associated Youth Companies page or sign up for our free monthly GetSet sessions.

Fees, Grants & Bursaries


The CAT programme is funded by the Department for Education’s (DfE) Music and Dance Scheme (MDS). The DfE offer grants which are means-tested based on a family’s annual earnings per tax year, with deductions and allowances made for dependents in accordance with their guidelines.

Students who are eligible and who make sufficient progress will be entitled to receive financial assistance until they graduate or exit from the programme.

We will work with all successful applicants to identify available government-funded grants and financial support for travel and dancewear.

You will not have to make any contribution if your total family income before tax is £32,728 or less in the tax year (after deducting £2,264 for each dependent child in the family including the CAT student). If your family income is more you will receive a smaller grant and you may have to make a contribution.

The table below details the means-tested funding system set by the DfE for 2023/2024.

Relevant income Maximum Amount of Grant
up to £32,728 £4,032
£32,728.01 to £37,093 £3,646
£37,093.01 to £41,457 £3,262
£41,457.01 to £45,877 £2,853
£45,877.01 to £50,185 £2,479
£50,185.01 to £54,548 £2,101
£54,548.01 to £59,386 £1,729
£59,386.01 to £63,278 £1,344
£63,278.01 to £67,642 £961
£67,642.01 to £72,003 £577
£72,003.01 or more £0


Read more about funding here

Upcoming Admissions Workshops

Centre for Advanced Training Admissions Workshop – West Midlands

Sat 6th Jul 2024, 10:30am

Venue: Level 5 Studios

Location: Birmingham

Centre for Advanced Training Admissions Workshop – East Midlands

Sun 7th Jul 2024, 10:30am

Venue: iC4C

Location: Nottingham

Centre for Advanced Training Admissions Workshop – Yuva Gati

Sun 14th Jul 2024, 10:30am

Venue: Level 5 Studios

Location: Birmingham

If you have any questions please contact: / 07718 563 611 for West Midlands enquiries  / 07708 816 681 for East Midlands enquiries
or / 07718 563 611 for Yuva Gati enquiries