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FABRIC aims to offer fully accessible creative facilities.

Building Access Facilities


  • Lift access from Thorp Street to Level 5
  • Disabled toilet and shower facilities
  • Wheelchair accessible studios

We recognise that people may have different needs in order to participate in dance, we are happy to make some other equitable adjustments to our class programme and dance projects to allow you to take part in dance.

Dance Classes

People with disabilities can get a concession price ticket for our dance classes

Buddy Scheme

Class Participants with additional requirements may be accompanied by a “buddy”. This is a person who supports them throughout the class offering reassurance and light support to ensure they are safe and have a positive experience. This is suitable for participants with learning disabilities, mental health struggles and/or some minor behaviour disorders. The buddy can take the class for free in this circumstance.

As a class participant, you may bring your own buddy or FABRIC can arrange one for you. We usually ask a long-standing class participant member to do this.

Please let us know how we can help you by calling us on 0121 667 6730 or emailing


  • Disabled parking bays in the car park
  • Lift
  • Level access to all areas
  • Disabled WC/showers
  • Baby changing
  • Loop system in the studios

Please let us know how we can support your visit by calling us on 0115 924 2016 or emailing

Disability Awareness Training

There is no ‘perfect’ way to provide access for all and although most of our staff members have attended Disability Awareness training, we always have more to learn, so please talk to us about your individual requirements and we will work towards accommodating them.

Communications & Media


Our website is rated 96% on the Web Accessibility Check. It includes accessibility functions such as adjusting the text size and colour contrast.

Promotional material

All videos created by FABRIC for social media, our website and events include captions. We also ensure all our promotional materials (flyers, posters etc.) have accessible font types.

Jobs & Opportunities

Easy-read versions of all information documents, job call-outs and the option to submit via multiple ways (written, video, voice note)

We welcome your feedback and views about the services provided and how they can be improved to suit your needs.  Please share your positive experiences, queries, complaints or concerns with us at