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FABRIC aims to offer fully accessible creative facilities. We strive to make our service inclusive to all.

Disability Awareness Training

We understand there’s no one ‘perfect’ way to provide access for all. Although most of our staff members have attended Disability Awareness training, we will always continue our learning to improve our access.

Because accessibility can mean something different to everyone, we’ll always have space for a conversation about how we can meet your individual access needs.

Building Access Facilities


  • Lift access is available to the studios, with alternatives available in the event of any technical fault.
  • There is level access to all areas.
  • There is an adapted shower and toilet.
  • Our studios are wheelchair-accessible.

Please let us know how we can support your visit by calling us on 0121 667 6730 or emailing


  • There are 2 blue badge parking bays in the car park opposite our building (this is a shared car park with other building residents, so can fill up quickly).
  • Our studios are accessible by lift.
  • There is level access to all areas.
  • There are adapted toilets and showers available.
  • We offer baby changing facilities.
  • There is a Hearing Loop system in the studios.

Please let us know how we can support your visit by calling us on 0115 924 2016 or emailing

Dance Classes

We recognise that people may have different needs in order to participate and we are happy to make equitable adjustments to our class programme and dance projects to allow you to take part.

People with disabilities are eligible for a concession price ticket for our dance classes

Carer/support persons may be able to attend without charge.

Before booking a class, please contact to discuss your needs.


Communications & Media


Our website is rated 96% on Web Accessibility Checkers. You can adapt the website by changing the settings to suit your needs, using the tool on the right-hand side of the page (marked with the orange icon).  This tool includes functions such as adjusting the text size and colour contrast.

We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our website to ensure all content is as accessible as possible, for example adding alternative text to images and using descriptive hyperlinks.

Promotional material

We caption all videos created by FABRIC for our social media channels, our website and events. We also ensure all our promotional materials (flyers, posters etc.) use accessible font sizes and types, and are presented with suitable colour contrasts.

Jobs & Opportunities

Easy-read versions of all information documents and job call-outs are formatted so that they can be read by screen readers.  We offer the option to submit applications or feedback in multiple ways, such as written, video and voice note.

We welcome your feedback and views about the services provided and how they can be improved to suit your needs.  Please share your positive experiences, queries, complaints or concerns with us at