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A window into the visual arts and heritage organisations in Nottingham for artists and producers working with movement, dance and choreography.

Nottingham has an enviable and vibrant museum and visual art sector, with a potential to realise an extraordinary range of works and practices.

This resource has been conceived to look inside the workings of the scene in Nottingham as a legacy to the recent research projects Re-Framing Dance and Dancing Museums – The Democracy of Beings.

In the final pages, the discussion event, Landings, Imprints, Traces. Dance in The Gallery After Rosemary Butcher brings to the foreground the historic relationship between dance and the gallery mapped alongside her legacy as a leading British Choreographer since the 1970’s and her relationship to Nottdance.




You can explore the interactive resource by clicking on it below.

Welcome To Nottingham Front Cover

Created in partnership with Backlit, Bonington Gallery/Nottingham Trent University, Forth, Gasleak Mountain, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham Contemporary, New Art Exchange, National Justice Museum, Nottingham City Museums, Primary, Stand Assembly.
With additional contributions from Rosemary Butcher, Middlesex University, Andrea Niederbuchner, Stefanie Sachsenmaier and Sam Williams.
This project was financially supported by The Garrick Trust and Jerwood Arts Development Programme Fund and Produced by FABRIC.
Film by Freddy Griffiths. Design by Blue Firth.