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Yuva Gati (‘Youth Movement’) is a dance training programme for dance styles from South Asian heritage.

Training includes, but is not limited to styles such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Bollywood, Kandyan, Nepalese plus more. Applications to join Yuva Gati are open to all young people aged 11 to 16 across the UK. All levels of experience within South Asian dance practices are invited to apply.

Young people can be aged 11-16 years when joining the scheme or up to 23 years if d/Deaf or Disabled. Training can continue until age 18 or up to 25 years if d/Deaf or disabled.

Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) Yuva Gati is funded by the Department of Education Music and Dance Scheme and delivered by FABRIC in partnership with Sampad Arts and Heritage. Designed to assist those interested in South Asian dance practices regardless of their personal circumstance, and share world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education.

What does it involve?

Participants are supported in fulfilling their maximum potential and are equipped with confidence, discipline and transferable skills for professional dance training or further education.

Our Yuva Gati Team is led by Shane Shambhu with an incredible team of professional artists Mira Balachandran Gokul, Anuradha Chaturvedi Seth, Divya Ravi and Parbati Chaudhury along with a wide variety of nationally and internationally recognised guest artists and tutors. Through building a supportive and nurturing learning environment young talent will focus and grow through the primary aspects of the Yuva Gati programme:

  • Body Knowledge: Anatomy & Body Conditioning
  • Music Knowledge: Ragam, Talam & Composition
  • Abhinaya & Poetry: Facial, Gestural & Textual Clarity (Stemming from Emotions)
  • Nritta & Stamina: Technique & Performance Enhancement
  • Design & Production: Understanding Performance
  • Creative Development: Creative & Independent Thinking
  • Repertoire: Application of Training

Development in these key areas raises the quality of dancing and performance ability of participants and extends to their everyday lives and education by:

  • Building discipline and rigour through a deepened understanding of their artform
  • Improving physical well-being through heightened body awareness
  • Strengthening determination and will-power through a sense of accomplishment
  • Boosting confidence through performance opportunities

What is included in your training:

  • 15 days minimum contact training days in Birmingham
  • Financial support for travel and accommodation
  • Financial support to attend weekly training sessions with Home Tutors (if you don’t have one, we will help identify one near you)
  • Individual Training Plans
  • End of Year reports/feedback and tutorials
  • Termly opportunities to join online Master Classes
  • Termly opportunities to see live professional performances
  • Opportunities to explore different dance styles from other South Asian origins
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other Centre for Advanced Training students
  • Access to classes with our contemporary CAT students on Saturdays in Birmingham or Nottingham
  • End of Year performance opportunities
  • Professional development and networking events for Home Tutors


Residential intensives are delivered at FABRIC. These are split up over the academic year during half-term/end-of-term breaks (October, February, April, June, and summer holidays), and amount to at least 15 contact days per year.

The Intensives balance technique training with repertoire and participants work with national and international artists to develop their practice.

Home Tutors

Weekly training is provided by the ‘Home Tutor’ during school term time in the participant’s town or city. The Home Tutors work closely with the Yuva Gati Artistic Team, with regular communication ensuring that each individual receives valuable feedback and has continued and connected development and attention throughout the year.

Individual Training Plan

Each participant has an Individual Training Plan devised in consultation with parents/guardians and the Home Tutor, to support the student’s learning, and ensure the balance is maintained between the demands of schoolwork and dance studies.

Selection Process

Entry on to the Centre for Advanced Training programme is via an admissions workshop only. Admissions workshops are held annually, usually in the summer for entry onto the programme the following September.

The admissions workshop is your opportunity to demonstrate your potential by taking part in a practical dance session and creative workshop in front of a selection panel. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer places outside this process.

How to Apply

Programme Costs

Means-tested grants are available from the Department for Education. We help successful students to access the financial support available to them.

Find out more here

Where does training take place?

Weekly training takes place during school term time in the participant’s town or city.

Residential intensives are delivered at FABRIC Birmingham Studios. These are split up over the academic year during half-term/end-of-term breaks (October, February, April, June, and summer holidays)

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Meet The Team


Hayley Arthur

Senior Producer - Learning & Skills


Freya Coles

Assistant Producer - Learning

Yuva Gati

Anu Gamanagari

Yuva Gati Co-ordinator

Shane Shambhu

Shane Shambhu

Yuva Gati Artistic Associate

Anuradha Chaturvedi Seth

Anuradha Chaturvedi Seth

Yuva Gati Principal Artist, Kathak

Parbati Chaudhury

Parbati Chaudhury

Yuva Gati Lead Artist, Kathak

Mira Balchandran Gokul

Mira Balchandran Gokul

Yuva Gati Principal Artist, Bharatanatyam

Divya Ravi

Divya Ravi

Yuva Gati Lead Artist, Bharatanatyam

Jade Barnes Headshot

Jade Barnes

Centre for Advanced Training Teaching Assistant


Imogen Wilmot

Centre for Advanced Training Teaching Assistant

Hear from CAT Yuva Gati students

It has been an invaluable experience being part of this programme; it gave me the opportunity to learn from various internationally-renowned dancers and choreographers

Vidya - Yuva Gati Graduate and BBC Young Dancer Finalist

Allows you to explore dance in a new and exciting way!

Yuva Gati Student

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