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What does this opportunity mean to you and what do you expect to develop during this period of time at dx?

DanceXchange has played an integral part in my dance training and career so far so being able to take part in Choreography Lab feels extra special. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to further develop and explore my creative and choreographic practice, in a professional setting, within the dance community I grew up in. 

Having had a strong interest in the synthesis of movement from early on in my dance training, I hope to utilise Choreography Lab particular to explore dance for camera as a way to juxtapose the barrage of images which portray a limited view of female sensuality; exploring the contradiction between the internal sensation of movement and the aesthetic nature of film. I am especially excited to do this with the support and guidance of Lea Anderson, who’s work I admire for its strong visual imagery and progressive nature.   

Tell us about you and your company

My love for dance was sparked through my involvement in community performance projects throughout my youth which led me to pursue dance throughout my education, graduating from Middlesex University with a first-class dance degree in 2013.  During my undergraduate degree I specialised in choreography and improvisation. Having developed a complete fascination with the symbiotic relationship between dance, the body and the mind, i went on to complete a Masters in Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. This further informed me about the benefit and importance of dance which led me to pursue a number of Learning and Participation roles. Alongside this, I have continued to investigate various movement ideas through a mix of collaborative group and solo studio explorations in order to continue to develop and progress my creative process

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world right now who would it be?

Dancewise, I would love to collaborate with The Yonis, they always look like their having so much fun and I love their sense of girl power!  

I would also love to collaborate with the artist, Ann Veronica Janssens. Her work plays with colour and light, creating a sensory and emotive experience which I find to be immersive and stimulating. 

Your first dance experience?

For my schools Year Six End of Year Talent Show, I decided, out of nowhere, that I would choreograph a dance. I was obsessed with the song ‘They’ by Jem at the time. I vividly remember listening to the song on repeat and envisioning what I thought was a choreographic masterpiece. Having not expressed much interest in dance prior to this and having not ever attended a dance class, I’m not sure what prompted the idea but there was something about piecing the movements together, almost like completing a jigsaw puzzle, that brought me so much joy and contentedness. The piece never actually made it into the show but from that point onwards, I was hooked.  

What is your most favourite dance video?