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CROWD international dance exchange programme will continue this summer and we are thrilled to announce that we will be supporting London-based artist Elsabet Yonas in a residency exchange with Maya Dalinsky and Bora Bora residency centre in Aarhus, Denmark.

Taking place across Finland, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK between Monday 11 July and Friday 23 September, the CROWD 2022 international dance exchange residency programme is an opportunity for dance artists to explore and develop their practice in community-engaged dance by working with and learning from each other and local participants.

With the support of the CROWD 2022 network partner organisations:

Bora Bora (Denmark),
Dance Limerick (Ireland),
FABRIC (Dance4 and DanceXchange together) (UK),
Davvi Centre for Performing Arts (Norway),
Dansateliers (the Netherlands),
Dansverkstæðið (Iceland),
Pottporus (Germany),
TaikaBox (Finland),
TanzFaktur (Germany) and
The Work Room (UK).

The ten artists will work in pairs and come together twice for a two-week residency. They will also take part in an online programme of professional development opportunities and discursive sessions exploring community engagement in dance.

Find out more about the selected artists and the residencies