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Fabric Dance: Archive Type - Past Residencies

Gareth Chambers, The Revenge of Popperface, Horizon Residency 2023
We hosted Horizon residency artist Gareth Chambers in our Birmingham studios in January 2023 to develop his project, The Revenge of Popperface. During his resid...
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2023 CROWD – international dance exchange
CROWD – international dance exchange is a collaborative network of dance organisations. Together as a network, CROWD supports dance makers with a community-enga...
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Natifah White, In Plain Sight Residency, October 2020
Natifah’s research residency began to look at how the body stores histories (welcomed and un-welcomed) with fixed and pending origins. With an interest in archi...
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Emma Lewis-Jones, A Body Populated Residency, November 2020
A Body Populated was a work in progress performance with small ceramic objects by choreographer Emma Lewis-Jones. The work addresses the insights of life in loc...
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Lewys Holt, Empty Orchestra Residency, March 2021
This project by Lewys Holt relates to karaoke. Karaoke as a way of weaving together music, poetry and dance.   We’re not yet sure of anything yet but my unders...
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Aniela Piasecka, Sample Remote Residency, October 2020
As a dance artist living with a chronic illness, increasingly Aniela Piasecka creates to understand their reality, to process and articulate experiences of ill ...
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