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Montreal-based artist Katie Ward was in residence at Dance4’s iC4C in June 2019, leading to a presentation of her new work Anything Whatsoever at a Sunday Supplement on 23 June 2019.

Katie Ward’s performance scores activate feeling, thinking, analyzing and imagining through the body – letting non-normative bodily states to emerge. The solo Anything Whatsoever accesses Katie’s subjective archive of bodily experiences and makes space for local voices, thoughts and ideas through relational spoken scores for spectators. Katie’s work guides new imaginations by remixing performer and spectator’s perspectives.

Choreographer/Dancer: Katie Ward

Lighting Designer: Paul Chambers

Dramaturg: Ame Henderson

This is how Katie described her residency with Dance4…

“Being in residency at Dance4 gave me the time and space to focus on my ideas without distraction and to investigate my work deeply.

I came to Dance4 with a performance that was almost ready. During my two weeks – I was able to try many different versions of the choreographic set up I worked with test audiences and Dance4 facilitated several feedback sessions.  

The Dance4 community include people who work at Dance4, supporters and dance enthusiasts and other local and resident artists.

By being in the space I was able to focus without distraction and continue to hone my dancing and choreographic structure.  I arrived at Dance4 with a choreography that was mainly formed – I brought it from that state to completion.”

Katie Ward, July 2019

Artists Involved

Katie Ward
Katie Ward
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