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Katie Ward

Katie Ward is a Montreal based choreographer and dancer. Katie is interested in the power of imagination and what it can do; using it to assemble things differently, as a way of shifting the way we see our reality. She is also interested in the mind – body connections, and what kind of imageries occur from the body. Her past works have focused on effort. Dances were composed of different kinds of energies, consistencies and textures.

Previous works have included Infinity Doughnuts (2014) and Rock Steady (2012) which have been performed in Canada, France and the UK.

Her new solo work Anything Whatsoever accesses Katie’s subjective archive of bodily experiences and make space for local voices, thoughts and ideas through relational spoken scores for spectators. Katie will be in residence at Dance4’s iC4C in June 2019 leading to a presentation of this new work on 23 June 2019.



Katie Ward