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Published on: Tuesday August 1, 2023

FABRIC and Jerwood Arts are thrilled to announce new investment for dance and choreographic research

Through new support from Jerwood Developing Artists Fund, Jerwood Arts continues to invest in the radical Jerwood Choreographic Research Project (JCRP), a programme that will enable an extraordinary partnership of investors to bring about innovative approaches in choreographic research.

The JCRP will create a collaborative space urgently required to support dance artists and the dance sector re-imagine new futures in dance practices in this new post-pandemic, post-Brexit era. This partnership project will support choreographic research to investigate new ideas and thinking in choreography and to expand knowledge and practice in the UK and beyond.

Re-launching this programme comes at a critical time when support for artists to research and dream big is limited, and the need to collaborate and pool resources is more urgent than ever. We hope that this new fund will be a call to action, focusing the dance sector of artists’ practices under the leadership of FABRIC.

Jon Opie, Deputy Director of Jerwood Arts at time of the award

JCRP was responsible for realising some of the most successful dance and choreographic works in recent years, including Men & Girls Dance by Fevered Sleep, Don’t Look at the Finger by Hetain Patel, Tree Call by Rosemary Lee & Simon Whitehead and Rite by Florence Peake.

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FABRIC will begin developing the programme investors. If you are a Trust and Foundation or an organisation working in dance and across broader cultural and creative sector with a desire to invest in a next generation of bold, radical new developments in dance and choreography then please contact us at

Let’s seize the moment together to invest in the ideas that will shape the way dance and communities across the UK and beyond meet.

It is the project’s ambition to launch a first round of investment for artists in early 2024.


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