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Natifah White

Natifah White is a dance artist and self-archivist inspired by creative processes & work that explore speculative dance futures. Her dance practice weaves archiving, research and performance, and within these spaces she has begun intertwining ways these descriptions nourish one another, whether through supporting another artist or her explorations.

Since graduating from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2019, Natifah has worked as a performer with choreographers such as; Seke Chimutengwende, Serafine1369, Florence Peake, Grace Nicol & Atabey Mamasita.

Her own research into dance and archival practice has been selected and supported by a variety of projects such as: Artist Research Residency with FABRIC (2020), Young Empowerment Fund with The Mighty Creatives (2021), Thinker-in-Residence for Kinship Workshop (2022) & Wainsgate Dances Residency (2023).

Listening To Natifah White