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Published on: Monday January 9, 2023

2023 opens with Stopgap Dance Company’s artists’ exchange programme which takes place from 9-12 January at FABRIC’s iC4C studio in Nottingham.

Stopgap will be sharing key elements of their inclusive dance practice in a 4-day sharing exchange.  A global leader of disability access in dance, Stopgap are committed to continuously examining best practice, actively advocating for the industry and the wider world to become more inclusive.  The Artist Exchange Programme will focus on learning from one another in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is part of an ongoing international collaboration between Stopgap and Oriente Occidente called ‘Diversity on stage: a training between Italy and the UK’.

We are excited to be hosting Stopgap this month in our spaces. The artist exchange will be unique opportunity to gather a diverse group of dance practitioners allowing space to share knowledge and ideas to increase access to dance for disabled dancers. FABRIC is particularly delighted to be able to support a number of Midlands-based independent artists to attend this amazing opportunity by providing travel and attendance bursaries.

Hayley Arthur, Senior Producer: Learning & Skills at FABRIC

The FABRIC bursaries attracted 21 expressions of interest and the 5 selected artists are Ellen Coleman, Francesca Hall, Martha Harrison, Amanda Hose-Hawley and Sarah Rabone.  They will be joined by dancers from Stopgap, plus invited guests including Italian artists Guiseppe Comuniello and Aristide Rontini.

To find out more visit Stopgap Dance Company learn and practice