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Published on: Tuesday May 16, 2023

Ten outstanding artists with international-quality, tour-ready performance work have been selected by Horizon – Performance Created in England for its third Edinburgh Festival Fringe showcase.

From theatre and music to durational performance installations, these works bring new ways of encountering technology, history, politics, identity and extraordinary true stories.

For the 2023 showcase, Horizon audiences will be invited to lie down and rest, witness live welding, plunge into a swimming pool, and watch fresh performances in grand and intimate settings. The showcase artists will present new theatre, dance, live art, and durational works which engage with questions of identity, work, memory, climate, survival, connection, and change.

We are particularly excited to see BULLYACHE taking TOM, the work they developed in their FABRIC residency, to the Edinburgh festivals with Horizon as well as Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects (Karen Christopher and Tara Fatehi), presenting their durational performance Always Already, which premiered at BIDF 2021 via livestream.

If you’re heading up to the Fringe this August, be sure to dip into Horizon’s eclectic and refreshing programme taking place Sunday 20 – Sunday 27 August.

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