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As part of a Re-Framing Dance producer residency, Nora-Swantje Almes invited six practitioners into conversations on the shifting relationship between contemporary dance and visual arts.

The 5-part podcast series takes the practices of choreographers and artists Jamila Johnson-Small and Gillian Walsh, Holly Blakey, Michele Rizzo, curator/DJ Naeem Dxvis BBZ London and dance historian Tom Hastings as departure points to gather a variety of perspectives.

Conversational formats have become an important research method that continuously inform Nora’s curatorial practice. The series understands the ‘in-between’, unpredictability and being in-flux as a legitimate tool. Covering conversations of Queering* and body-based practices in institutions both challenge existing (infra)structures and open up room for new working practices. By bringing about moments of surprise, conversations reflect this non-linearity and facilitate a constant learning beyond education conventions. Their fluid character allows for dissonance – a change of direction in the midst of it. Primarily recorded for curatorial research purposes, the edited episodes give an insight into the practitioners’ cross-points, shared questions and concerns, and an outlook on where to go from here.


Nora speaks about inherent contradictions and the potential of transformation with London-based artist and choreographer Jamila Johnson-Small and New York City-based choreographer Gillian Walsh.

Primary · Re-Framing Dance Conversations with Nora-Swantje Almes | Ep.1


Nora speaks to London-based choreographer Holly Blakey. They speak about breaking away from the field of contemporary dance, motherhood as an artist, choreographer-performer relationships, popular culture and value systems attached to it.

Primary · Re-Framing Dance Conversations – Episode 2


Nora speaks to Italian choreographer, Michele Rizzo. Speaking about his route from dance to visual arts, working museum settings and how he considers club culture in his works and the journey of the raver.

Primary · Re-Framing Dance: Conversations with Nora-Swantje Almes | Episode 3

EPISODE 4Nora speaks to Naeem Dxvis – artist, curator co-founder of BBZ London. They speak about the label queer, creating spaces and their curatorial methodologies in art and club spaces.

Primary · Re-Framing Dance Conversations with Nora-Swantje Almes | Episode 4

EPISODE 5Nora speaks to dance historian Tom Hasting – about the long-standing relationship between contemporary dance and visual arts and current approaches from institutions.

Primary · Re-Framing Dance Conversations with Nora-Swantje Almes | Ep. 5
Sound Design: Urban Feral | Sound Edit: Tom Harris | Thanks to Primary, Jerwood Arts, Lxo Cohen, Annika Thiems.