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Joseph Toonga (Just Us Dance Theatre) was awarded Stomping Ground 2020/21 commission to present his first outdoor work, Born to Protest, which was presented from summer 2021.

Joseph Toonga works at the forefront of Hip Hop in the UK and internationally. He describes himself as being in a continual search for an authentic reason to choreograph and frequently draws on real-life stories which make his work resonate with people under-represented in audiences for mainstream arts. 

Born to Protest forms the second part of a Hip Hop dance theatre trilogy he is creating to highlight black excellence and challenge racial stigma.

Born to Protest aims to dismantle presumptions about the black male and female figure based on intimidation, danger and isolation, revealing instead character traits around fragility, vulnerability and a constant battle to prove oneself. This hypersensitivity of the black body in space is magnified by Born to Protest’s cast performing to a soundscape which sets up intense energy with Hip Hop beats and voice over.

About Joseph & Just Us Dance Theatre

Jospeh Toonga By Camilla Greenwell Scaled

Joseph Toonga

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Born to Protest is a Stomping Ground commission which is an initiative of DanceXchange, The Place, Dance East and Grenwich and Docklands International Festival. The work is also supported by Redbridge Drama Centre and the Arts Council England.

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