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Chatting Tanum were in residence at iC4C from April to May 2021. Below is a message from them unravelling the work they intended to develop during their time in residence.

We will start with a week of Table Dances and Boardroom Games. This is us trying to deal with our ambivalent relationship to big clunky institutional spaces – our feelings of frustration and love; our dependency and despair; our desire to contribute to & uphold them; our instincts to turn away and build something else.

We’ll be lingering, pushing, singing, slumping, falling, hugging, dancing, licking, biting: trying to work through our encounter with this semi-imaginary thing called ‘Dance4’, and figure out if we can form a different relationship with it beyond its current structures and people and protocols.

And then! We will be having fun with our friend and playwright Andy Edwards!!! We’re making a massive play (with an interval) called Two Hander about time travel, the history of western theatre, acting, imperialism, tables, carafes, soft power, hard decisions, role-swapping, prophecy and intrigue. It’ll be performed by Rohanne and Paul, who can’t act, but want to.

Thank you Chisenhale Dance Space and a-n and Arts Council England and Dance4 for the £££.