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Angela Goh was in residency at Dance4’s iC4C for 2 weeks between Monday 19 August – Friday 31 August.

Angela undertook a research residency at Dance4’s iC4C as part of an exchange between Dance4 and Critical Path in Sydney, Australia. The exchanges enable dance artists and choreographers to undertake open-ended research internationally with the support of the host organization. During her residency at Dance4 Angela began developing materials for a new work. She built on her research concerning performativity as a mode of augmentation of the body and how it can be read, and how the body is implicated as a material among materials of hypercapitalist excess.

Her research activities unfolded in the studio in a liquid fashion, arising into formats of dancing alongside activities for thinking through – like writing or reading to name the obvious, or perhaps texting, making flower arrangements, or scripting movies as a method to produce formal containers for the exploration of ideas.

Meet The Team

Angela Goh Uncanny Valley Girl Photo By Bryony Jackson  X

Angela Goh (AU)