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Akshay Sharma joined Dance4 for a remote residency from Monday 10 to Friday 14 January 2022 as part of their ongoing work Landforms.

explores the physical labor of loss, crisis, and identity, framed within a myth. It is temptation, a rebirth of that moment when crisis occurs and creation happens again. There is a body as a landform, it is soft and hard, yielding and resisting, expressed in all its strength and fragility. Landform conjures images of earthquakes, shifting landscape of the mind, the geology of the body. Where extreme shifts take place and memory and shape are never the same again. It conjoins itself to the labor of moving forward despite failure and hardship.

A vital question being explored in this residency is how do we embody the emotional landscape of a disintegrating landform?

This is an ongoing work supported by Arts Council England, Yorkshire Dance, The Place and Akram Khan Company through Sky Arts.


Image by Camilla Greenwell.