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4WORDS is our new freesheet of writing from artists, audiences and commentators.

An ongoing collection of writings on the programme at Dance4 and its offer to the fields of dance and choreography, to Nottingham, the region and beyond.

It’s so easy for amazing artists, conversations and dance to be forgotten when so much is happening. Details at risk of being lost when the next inspiring artist is knocking on the door to begin a new chapter with us. We’re keen to ensure that some of these experiences can be captured for a longer time. How can the questions, reflections and perspectives of many voices coming into contact with our programme be kept for the future? How can these contributions be more present?

Returning to these collections in the now and future will help us track thinking, the response to provocations and enable us to help reveal often hidden thoughts or work.

So often in the performing arts, we’re only ever given an opportunity to be with ideas and discourse when it’s in the form of marketing materials or promotion for a show. 4WORDS is an attempt for the artists, audience and work in Dance4’s programme to have an expanded space to share and be in dialogue with audiences.

We hope you enjoy the ongoing collections. If you have ideas for editions and/or if you wish to contribute do get in touch.

View Issue 5 – September 2020