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Published on: Monday August 8, 2022

Birmingham International Dance Festival (BIDF) did a take-over at Smithfield Festival Site for a non-stop closing celebration through dance and movement.

Putting the best Midlands talent centre stage and celebrating the city’s distinctive spirit, BIDF presented a joyful, bold and inspiring line-up of performances and workshops throughout the day for audiences to watch and take part in.

Kategreenphotog Dx Smithfield

Critical Mass performed a medley of highlights from their gigantic year of events, as well as some co-created pieces by the individual weekly groups including a Breakin’ dance piece, and a piece using Kuchipudi and spoken word from the online group. They ended their showcase by re-staging their 6 minute section from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, and performed ‘Hear my Voice’ as a collective group on and off stage.

The evening ended with an energetic DJ set that continued into the night.


BIDF is an award-winning biennial festival presenting a vibrant programme of international dance in venues and public spaces across Birmingham.