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Claricia Parinussa & Zoë Charlery

Re-Framing Dance Producer Residency Artist

Claricia Parinussa & Zoë Charlery undertook a three-week residency with Lakeside Arts in 2021 as part of Re-Framing Dance.

During this residency interdisciplinary artist and producer Claricia Parinussa worked alongside co-producer Zoë Charlery to undertake site-responsive research hosted by Lakeside Arts in July 2021, followed by a reflective dialogue week at iC4C (with Dance4) the following December.

Claricia’s embodied practice integrates thinking, moving and doing through performance making, producing and community organising. They are founding director of ID.Y CIC, working closely with co-producer Zoë Charlery and collaborators as a fluid cohort of producers, researchers, curators, organisers who centre practitioners of Queer, Trans, People of Colour (QTPOC) experience. ID.Y has a value-based practical approach which centres anti-racist frameworks and considers multiple levels of experience throughout arts production as it relates to individuals, community organisations and institutions.

The enquiry offered by Re-Framing Dance informed the residency groundwork, engaging a site-specific response to the structural ecologies of Lakeside Arts situated in the grounds of the University of Nottingham. With focused attention to the Djanogly Gallery which held Mat Collishaw’s Behind Closed Doors (2021), ID.Y contextualised their ongoing frameworks within open, nuanced and critical dialogues with staff across various strands within the institutional structure. Space was opened out to further embodied practices taking place in the gallery supported by wider conversations with ID.Y collaborators and mentors.

A reflection week at iC4C in December followed, including a recorded conversation with parallel Re-Framing Dance producer Nora Almes. The recording can be accessed below.

Re-Framing Dance Producer Research Residency – ID.Y (Claricia Parinussa and Zoë Charlery) – untitled from FABRIC on Vimeo.