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Hal Mayer

Residency: Smoke Seekers and the Inflatable Vessel

This residency supports an important final step towards the making of Hal’s first show. The work is a violent dark fairy tale reminiscent of the tales of Willy Wonka, set amongst drug addicts and those that create the substances that draw in the desperate.   

It merges the athletic world class Hip-Hop movement, genre and immersive narrative with the thrills of a Tarantino film and the harrowing reality of Trainspotting.  The movement is inspired directly from Hal’s experience working in the inner city and will use the styles of popping, animation and krump to dissect and reform images of the addicts and their muscular contractions and freezes.  

The residency will work on the sound score, costume and play-test the immersive/ interactive capacity of a site-specific version of the show. This will culminate in a show for an open audience.  

The latest phase of Hal’s research with this work sees him undertake Residency at FABRIC in March 2024. Throughout the residency in March, Hal will collaborate with a live music producer to craft fresh material. Together they intend to sculp an original score to set the stage for an immersive experience.

In his latest residency with us, Hal will also start to explore the world of 3D modelling and VR technology. Looking at ways to further explore his practice using these mediums and develop narratives and potential areas not yet explored with his work. Continuining to blur the lines between reality and fantasy and uncover what lives in the intersection between the two.

The residency in March will culminate in a screening event of his latest short film, Smoke Seekers.


More About Hal Mayer

Hal is a versatile artist based in the Midlands. His work consists of blending Horror and Hip-Hop art forms with an ambition to create a unique movement style. Exploring the terrifying capabilities of the human body through finger tutting, popping, and krump.

His work has been showcased at various venues, including Breakin Convention, Artists4Artists, Nottingham Contemporary, Sadlers Wells, Lakeside Arts, Rich Mix, & Curve. Additionally, he has performed alongside some of the most respected pioneers of UK hip-hop, including Birdgang, Ivan Blackstock, Ukweli Roach, & Avant Garde Dance.  

As someone who navigates life managing chronic illnesses and Bipolar Disorder, Hal uses his practice as a medium to challenge societal norms and offer cathartic experiences for audiences.His work intends to push comfort zones, bluring reality. Through Horror theatre he hopes to provide a space for introspection and healing and leave a lasting impact.


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Image by Jamaal Sterret

Image By Jamal Sterrett