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Eric Scutaro

Vogue & Waacking Tutor

Eric Scutaro, is a Venezuelan choreographer, dance performer and activist, refugee in the United Kingdom. For 15 years, he has been a pioneer in his country – and now in Birmingham, UK – in Waacking and Voguing, dance styles belonging to the LGBTIQ+ community since the 70s. His choreographies, workshops and performances explore hip-hop, Waacking and Voguing as a way to advocate for the LGBTIQ+ community. His work has also stood out for doing Queer activism within the hip-hop culture in his country.

Eric has been part of the first Hip-Hop Theater work in the history of Venezuela. He was part of the founders of the first and only street dance company in Venezuela and all of Latin America. Eric Scutaro is one of the bridges between Venezuela and the United Kingdom for cultural and artistic exchanges in the field of street dance to continue developing opportunities for youth and continue developing LGBTIQ+ activism.

Eric Scutaro Profile Photo