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Chantel Foo


Supported by Unlimited.

The residency will support a sustained development of pre-existing strands of research and work with BRIGHT HOT R-AGE, a new dance work.  Chantel will collaboratively work on the sonic world of the piece with Mervin Wong, a long-time collaborator, who is a queer sound artist and composer from Singapore.

As a queer, disabled and non-binary Chinese-Singaporean person, Chantel is interested in how these identifiers bleed into queer and crip imaginations, specifically exploring the idea of queer exile. In turn, these imaginations offer moments of rupture in the fabric of our day-to-day experiences. Chantel will be making space within the choreography for traditional Chinese dance in reclamation of their movement roots and in resistance to the gendered and racialised gaze they often encounter. Returning to this dance style, whilst using the opportunity to depart, play, queer and subvert its many rules, will allow them to meet this element inextricably woven into their body, with feelings of familiarity, rather than violence.  Throughout the choreographic process Chantel will work on prioritsing a commitment to embedding access.


More About Chantel Foo

Chantel Foo is a Chinese Singaporean artist based in London. Chantel’s practice is anchored in choreography and performance, working with movement, writing, Real Game Play and livestreams. They founded and run Studio Lotusroot a movement studio which is a space for embodied encounters and somatic healing through movement. Their work/selves have existed in spaces such as Serpentine Galleries (UK), Onassis Foundation (ATH), defunct offices, HEK Basel, Kult Cafe (SG), Stanley Arts (UK), various fashion campaigns, Somerset House London, Endlessreturn (SG), Palais de Tokyo (FRA).


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Image by Joyce

Chantel Foo, Photo By Joyce