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Alice Shepperson

Alice Shepperson is a dance artist, physical theatre performer, and clown. Alice is also a qualified Pilates instructor and is continually developing inclusive Pilates classes for dancers and movers during her time with Stopgap Dance Company.

Alice thoroughly enjoys amalgamating theatre, dance and comedy, and constantly seeks new ways of exploring these forms.

Alice has worked with companies and artists including Second Hand Dance, Made by Katie Green, Casson & Friends, Spiltmilk Dance, Highly Sprung, Barnaby Booth, Chhaya Collective, Dirtmarket, Hawk Dance Theatre and The Knotted Project.


About her classes

Alice uses weight and agility to explore dynamic qualities and textures. Her classes focus on body mechanics and shifting as one unit to create speed and efficiency, while finding pleasure in moving. Classes will also include improvisation and set phrases to travel through space.

Alice has developed an inclusive practice during her time with Stopgap Dance Company and continually evolves her way of cultivating and celebrating individuality in her teaching.

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Alice Shepperson Photo Credit Chris Parkes