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Rachel Parry (they/them) joined us in residence at iC4C between Monday 7 March and Friday 1 April 2022 focusing on Malfunctioning Perfectly; their ongoing research around ‘liveness’ as viewed from Neuroqueering experience and how/if we can embed our presence/embodied practices inside emergent technology.

In 2019 Rachel was awarded a DYCP exploring kinaesthetic empathy of relationships between humans and machines and undertook a year of learning tools for intermedial installations and environments. In 2020 Rachel was awarded funding for “Malfunctioning perfectly” exploring their glitches, errors, failures and how the disembodied Artifical Intelligence (AI) interprets “liveness”. This expanded into their next stage of R&D with Dance4.

Rachel continued to explore this connection with AI as well as reawakening Performing Alchemy methodologies, exploring lived body experiences, reframing trauma into renewal and rewilding.

Image by TWO MAKE LTD.