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In partnership with the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, in February 2021 we welcomed Swiss/French artists, Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton (La PP), to dive into the realm of a virtual residency. They researched their project Class, rethinking the concept of coaching, private dance classes, and home delivery both in the virtual and physical world.

Class is a home delivery performance class, sharing performative tools in order to rediscover everyday life surroundings and the sensorial approach to it. Using scores such as practicing the presence of objects, shining from the inside-out or rediscovering the shape of your sofa La PP want to invite a non-verbal exchange in order to empower co-students/audiences.

As performers they play the “ignorant Schoolmasters”, meaning that they don’t possess a specific knowledge that they wish to pass on but rather take on the audiences movement history in order to build up the class.

Class is about learning through a non-linear process how to perform, for the audience to find their own way of performing and moving within their home, it is about approaching creativity as an everyday life action.

Throughout their time La PP experimented with different communication tools such as Zoom, Instagram and podcasts to share their research.

Artists Involved

La PP (CH)
La PP (CH)
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The Class Podcast

The Class Podcast is an invitation for you to peacefully rediscover your living-room. If you feel a DancEmergency coming up and need a renewal in the way you approach your sofa, sit at your table, or imagine your body from within, just put your headphones on. The Class Podcast is a simple yet efficient proposal accessible to all. It is a 30 minutes sensorial exploration of your everyday surroundings. Through open tasks, La PP, tries to understand with you how to perform from home? How is the space vibrating around you? How can movement allow you to sense otherwise?

You can listen to the podcast alone or with partners. All you need is 30 minutes, comfortable clothes and a sound system/headphones.

Concept and Choreography: Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton
Dramaturgical support: Paula Varjack
External Eye and Dance4 Collaborators: Becky Aram and Emily Tregale
Pro Helvetia Coordinators: Amber Massie-Blomfield and Ruby Glaskin

In partnership with Dance4 and Pro Helvetia

Dance4 · Class Podcast by La PP