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FABRIC is committed to encouraging and supporting inclusivity within the creative arts sector. We want to use our platform to ensure a variety of voices and experiences within the industry are heard. Meet some of our staff and the amazing people we work with across a variety of our projects and discover their story and experience of working with us.

     Introducing Katie Holtom

Katie has worked as an Aspiring Young Leader with DanceXchange (DX) on our youth participation projects, Dance Connect and Beyond Borders.









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What is Dance Connect?

#DanceConnect was a Dance Development Leaders Group (DDLG) West Midlands initiative that explored a creative dance and digital experiment between March – August 2020. It was a participatory project that explored how we can effectively collaborate remotely across borders and boundaries, using movement, creative exchange and mobile devices.

Over 100 individuals came together over zoom to participate in a creative enquiry experience to explore “what kind of collaboration is possible when we can’t be together in the same space?  What new forms of dance are possible and what new dance languages can be developed?  How can working digitally enhance and expand practice, including effective ways to be fully accessible?”

What is Beyond Borders?

Beyond Borders is an ambitious, large-scale region-wide participation project that was developed from #DanceConnect research and development. It is a DDLG project and DanceXchange are the Executive Producers, bringing together 13 dance artists, 13 aspiring young leaders, over 130 young people, digital artists and a variety of specialists to collaborate and produce an original work in response to #OnewithNature.

3 original digital works were presented at Birmingham International Dance Festival in June 2021, with a live site-specific edition being presented at Birmingham International Dance Festival in September 2021.

I can’t recommend doing a project like this enough. It was just absolutely life changing.

Katie Holtom

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Critical Mass was Birmingham 2022 Festival’s flagship participation programme. It saw 242 young people from across the West Midlands engage to form a dance collective that performed at some of 2022’s biggest events, including the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.