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Parham Ghalamdar

Parham Ghalamdar, born in Iran in 1994, embarked on his artistic journey through graffiti as a means of protest before transitioning into a painter now based in the UK. He completed his MA in Oil Painting from the Manchester School of Art in 2021, upholding an experimental approach.

Ghalamdar’s diverse body of work encompasses various mediums, including stop-cell animations, ceramics, and AI-generated pieces, all deeply rooted in a painterly ethos. His unique fusion of Indo-Persian and Western traditions enables him to challenge conventional narratives. Notably, his recent solo exhibition, “Painting, An Unending,” held at HOME’s main gallery in Manchester, represents a significant milestone in his career, complemented by showcases at esteemed venues such as the Rebecca Hossack Gallery and Pipeline Gallery.

Ghalamdar’s contributions have been recognized with accolades such as the UK New Artists bursary 2023, DYCP grant, and Innovative Grant. His works grace both private and public collections, including the Government’s Art Collection and the University of Salford Art Collection, underscoring his burgeoning influence in the art world.

Image courtesy of Parham Ghalamdar.