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Scottee and Lea Anderson

Residency: Sanity

All their life Scottee has experienced bouts of psychosis, leading them to question the concept of reality. After a series of medical diagnosis’ last year, and in a world moving quickly towards augmented realities, Scottee is keen to explore the idea of sanity – who prescribes it, who decides its parameters and what sanity looks like in an increasingly volatile, climate changing world.

In this purposefully slow and safely made, care focused work, Scottee and Lea at want to look at the mind and imagination through dance, giving audiences an insight into the “insane” and, as Scottee comments “allowing mentals like me to be seen, heard and understood.”

Sanity will, over its lifetime, invite groups of mental health professionals to come together with service users to explore sane-ness, normalcy, neuroqueerness, climate sanity and wellness together – leading to cohesive, client led conversations on mental health provision and new radical, carbon conscious approaches to care practices – with dance and movement being one of them.

This work will build a strong body of digital experiments + interventions made for online audiences at every juncture, long before this work is seen on stage. The audience’s interaction, feedback and engagement will be fundamental in how the stage show forms and the audience it builds.

More About Scottee and Lea Anderson

Lea Anderson is an independent choreographer, filmmaker and artistic director. Lea has made hundreds of works with many collaborators. Lea founded The Cholmondeleys dance company in 1984 with Teresa Barker and Gaynor Coward. Lea started the Featherstonehaughs – the brother company in 1988.

Scottee is a multi-award winning self-taught artist whose made theatre, performance and installation for some of the UK’s biggest cultural institutions. He has been a presenter on R4’s Loose Ends for almost a decade and is a known for his work exploring class, poverty, queerness and fat. Scottee is also the founder of the Working Class Artist Group; a support group for working class artists working in the theatre industry.

In 2017 Scottee and Lea made the internationally acclaimed, community engaged dance show Fat Blokes – recognised by a UK Theatre Award and Total Theatre Award. Having toured and digitally presented Fat Blokes for 5yrs the pair are ready to embark on a new ambitious project together.


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Left image: Lea Anderson, image by Margaret Williams

Scottee And Lea