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Smoke Seekers Film Screening by Hal Mayer


Location: Nottingham
Venue: iC4C

As part of his residency at FABRIC this March (2024), Hal Mayer will be sharing a screening event for his short-film, Smoke Seekers.

A mind-bending thriller that challenges audiences to confront the demons that lurk within us.


About Smoke Screen

When a young man succumbs to the allure of a potent psychedelic vape, he unwittingly plunges into a harrowing journey through his own fractured memories. As the intoxicating fumes transport him back to the depths of an abandoned subway, he is compelled to confront the haunting truths lurking within his subconscious. With its gripping narrative and immersive visuals, Smoke Seekers is a mind-bending thriller that challenges audiences to confront the demons that lurk within us all.

Following the screening there will be a chance to chat about the themes of the film and the work explored during Hal’s residency.


Smoke Seekers delves into themes such as addiction, self-discovery, and the blurred lines between reality and hallucination. While the content is thought- provoking, it is presented in a manner suitable for teenage audiences.

Content Advisory
– Violence: The film contains scenes depicting mild violence, which may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.
– Partial Male Nudity: There are scenes featuring partial male nudity; specifically individuals with their tops off.
– Implied Drug Use and Nicotine Products: The film contains depictions of implied drug use, including the use of a potent psychedelic vape. Additionally, nicotine products may be present in certain scenes.
– No Gore: Despite the presence of violence, there are no graphic or gory depictions.
– No Foul Language: There is no use of profanity or offensive language throughout the film.

Parental Guidance
Parents or guardians are encouraged to accompany any younger viewers in attendance to provide context and guidance regarding the film’s themes. Discussions about the content can enhance the viewing experience and foster meaningful conversations.

We would otherwise say this is suitable for ages 18 and over if not accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Key Information


120 mins

Free Event
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Hal Mayer
Hal Mayer
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