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Alone Together: Mixed Bill and Open Mic Night

Thu 2nd May 2024, 6:30pm

Location: Nottingham
Venue: iC4C

Join Lou Robbin and invited guests at this mixed bill and open mic night. What does it mean to be alone together? What can intimacy mean to you?

Lou is an artist and well-being practitioner in residence at FABRIC. They will be in Nottingham sharing space at FABRIC’s iC4C with other East Midlands-based creatives.

Gather with Lou and other artists, dancers, musicians, poets and more using their practice to share their perceptions of intimacy – platonic intimacy, intimacy with self, spiritual intimacy and more.

The night will open with music inviting you into the space to relax, grab refreshments and make the space your own, it will then be followed by breathwork facilitated by Lou. Lou has invited local guest artists to share short excerpts of their own work alongside 2 different works by Lou throughout the evening.

There will be a space for open mic sharings for anyone that feels comfortable or inspired to share as a result of their time in the space.

There will be moments for breaks and also allocated space for those that need their own space during the evening at any moment.

This will be a sober event suitable for those aged 18 and over.

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180 mins

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iC4C is the international Centre for Chroegraphy, based in Nottingham and is one of the sites for FABRIC. iC4C hosts 3 accessible studios with spring floors. Limited parking is available outside iC4C with public transport links via NCTX buses. iC4C is an accessible building, if you require any more information regarding our accessibility please call 0115 924 2016.


02 May 2024
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