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Published on: Monday March 4, 2024

Celebrate International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March 2024 with two amazing projects.

We are proud to support the online premiere of SHE SWIMS – a dance film by Shelley Eva Haden, as well as present a dance theatre show Katherina Radeva’s 40/40 by Two Destination Language later in the evening in the Patrick Studio.SHE SWIMS by Shelley Eva Haden

SHE SWIMS is a brand new dance film launching on International Women’s Day 2024! Witness 50 women from the community of Birmingham swell and swarm in a drained Grade || Edwardian heritage swimming pool originally made for ‘first class men’ in 1907. Director and Choreographer Shelley Eva Haden joins Moseley Road Swimming Baths, inviting these women to exist and empower a space which once didn’t belong to them.

Shelley and her extraordinary team of artists spent delicate time with the community to research and explore the restrictions that still exist living as a woman in the 21st century. The aim was to acknowledge these restrictions and resist them with artistic responses rooted in movement,  using art as a political platform to empower – not just the 50 women that belonged in a space that was once not made for them, but the audiences too, that will witness and engage in this positive, political work.

This beautiful feminist film will celebrate how far we have come, yet also remind us of the distance we still have to go to reach global equality.

​”1907″ was really “not that long ago”

Tune in at 11.55am and join the countdown. The film premieres at 12pm.

Tune in here

Katherina Radeva’s 40/40 by Two Destination Language

40/40 is an inspiring, insightful and moving celebration of Katherina Radeva’s 40 years as a woman, a migrant and an artist. Claiming space on a dance floor for one, she writes stories of her past, present and future, in speech, in electrical tape and in movement.  

Supported by three brilliant female choreographers – Liz Aggiss, Lucy Suggate and Rachel Krische, Katherina’s 40/40 is the result of 40 years of joy, migrancy and hardship, laughter and tears, super tunes and super moves. Join the middle-aged woman revolution by dancing, claiming and reclaiming the beautiful, glorious and messy complexities of womanhood. 

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