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Katherina Radeva

Katherina Radeva is an award-winning performance maker and scenographer. Her work as co-artistic director of Two Destination Language, alongside Alister Lownie has extensively toured in the UK and internationally.  

Often using biographical starting points the work is visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. It is punchy and political. Her signature rawness and honesty in performance has captured numerous accolades over the years. As a first generation migrant from Eastern Europe she often foregrounds experiences of migration, embracing and celebrating cultural differences, identity, boundaries and joy. 

Previous work includes the multi-award-winning Near Gone, Fault Lines, Manpower, Declining Solo and Fallen Fruit and collaborations with Scottee, Selina Thompson, Scottish Dance Theatre, Jo Bannon, Demi Nandhra amongst many others.

Two Destination Languages  Featuring Katherina Radeva  O