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Published on: Wednesday June 7, 2023

Last week we had Lulah here with us for a week of work experience. She worked with a number of different departments within FABRIC and here is a blog of her time with us.


I was introduced to the team and was made feel very welcome straight away. We discussed everyone’s different roles and I got a small glimpse of just how much work goes into making FABRIC so successful. I then did a research task with Freya, I helped with the CAT flyers by using the guillotine to cut them.

After my lunch break Freya and I went to look for some costumes for the upcoming CAT Summer Showcase (which you all need to go and watch) we searched the costume cupboard and got creative together! I was very fortunate because I got the opportunity on Monday to go through to Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) and see how things are done there, I listened in on a team meeting and very quickly realised that these guys are very busy and work very hard. After that, I spoke with Katie about how BRB works behind the scenes and an introduction to life at Birmingham Royal Ballet which I found interesting. I was then lucky enough to watch dance track, a room full of excited 8-year-olds leaping and prancing across the floor which was a joy to watch and a lovely way to finish off my first day at FABRIC.


I was working with Sophie, we checked in in the morning and then got straight to a research task, this task was to look at photos and videos all to do with Critical Mass which was fun because I was a part of the project with CAT but I never knew much about it so it was a good chance to learn and appreciate how much work went into it and it made me feel grateful that all I did was perform on the main stage and not have to worry about everything else going on.

After this I watched an over 50’s fitness class held in studio 3. I really enjoyed watching this because it just proved that no matter what age you are you really can still achieve! Following this I carried on my research on Critical Mass however this time I was editing the information pack for the people doing Critical Mass 2023 this Summer. After lunch, I carried on with this task which was a good way to end a good day!


I worked on doing a social media post all about CAT auditions in the summer. I found this fun because I was a part of CAT, so I could say a lot about it and how amazing it is. After this, I started writing a bit of a blog on how my week has been so far at FABRIC and what I have got up to.

After lunch, I did a research task to do with finding out about what dance classes there are in an 8-mile radius of Birmingham for adults. This was interesting because some places had lots more to offer than others, and I found out about lots of different dance companies in the area.


Today I helped Freya get some ideas for costumes for the CAT summer showcase, it was a fun and creative task, and I got some studio time to work on some dancing! After lunch I carried on with this, the brief was to create a jellyfish and under-the-sea mood. I used plastic sheets and dabbed lots of paint onto them so they would look effective under the light and the dancers can wave them around while dancing.


My last day🙁 I got to FABRIC and did a task about how long there is left to apply for CAT which will be posted on Instagram! After this I went to join in with the Move into Ballet class, it was a fun way to go back to basics with ballet and enjoy a bit of dancing. Following on from lunch I came back to the office and worked on the costumes with Freya!

It was a memorable week, I had so much fun and learned so much from it. I now realise how hard everyone here works to make fabric such an amazing organisation.

Thank you for having me!