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A free interactive Public Dance Pack by Grace Nicol and collaborators that considers how to support risk-taking work in gallery and museum contexts.


The pack explores the cultural, practical and socio-political relationship dynamics between audience, artists, and venues and approaches the questions:

– What does it mean to enter a space?

– How do we conceive of live performance and its implications in the current climate?

– How has our understanding of our relationships as programmers, producers, dance artists, choreographers, audience etc changed due to the pandemic?

– How can we approach work with a renewed sense of care?

The pack is framed by Grace’s practice-based research including their last collaborative project, Slip Mould Slippery. This projects was concerned with body, object, and space relations and the power structures that exist around these ideas, exploring how to dismantle these structures through movement practice.

Their research also involved a series of meetings co-hosted by Grace and Dance4 to bring together programmers, curators, artists, and producers to explore what might be needed when programming and making dance for museum and visual arts contexts.

Grace speaks with Arts Professional about this work. Read the article here for more insight.