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Seeded Situation Workshop

Thu 30th May 2024, 10:00am


Location: Nottingham
Venue: Cherry Tree Lodge, King Edward Park

In this hands-on practical session with Usha Mahenthiralingam you’ll discover an easy recipe to make your own seeded ‘recycled’ paper using simple everyday items.

Into the recipe we’ll bring our shared experiences, discovering the power of seeds as ideas – connection – growth – beauty and legacy.

It is thought the first papers were made in China in about 105 AD from mulberry bark, hemp and rags – mushed to a pulp, flattened and dried in the sun.
In Egypt the papyrus was used as paper around 3000 BC and to this day the plant world continues to provide us with endless realms of paper – something we have possibly take for granted.

Here’s a chance to create your own seeded paper, keep it for yourself or pass it on to others, ultimately returning it back to mother earth.


This event is part of Transition + Transit, curated by Dwayne Church-Simms: a collection of works that explore movement, change, the stories we share and the objects that define our past, present, and future. Transition + Transit is FABRIC’s contribution to Transform, a City Takeover, a collaboration with New Art Exchange and Backlit, Bonington Gallery, Broadway, City Arts, FABRIC, Lakeside Arts, New Perspectives Theatre, Nottingham City of Literature, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Playhouse, Primary, Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall and UK New Artists.

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10am – 12pm

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30 May 2024


Usha Mahenthiralingam
Usha Mahenthiralingam
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