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Yos Clark

Yos Clark is an Ivorian artist whose mediums are dance, fashion and photography. His work is autobiographical, telling his story as a cultural outcast who strives to belonging in the Ivorian society as a gay man whose interests differ from the common Ivorian people.

Based in London since 2023, Yos Clark grew up in Côte d’Ivoire where nurtured a passion for ballet. Although it’s an unpopular art form back there, he stuck to his passion since age 8 to only start at age 17. Yos was a self-taught ballet dancer in Côte d’Ivoire for most of his life there, during his training, he found a dance teacher on Facebook who decided to give him some online classes via Skype, which they did for 2 years. Yos has since been on TV shows like Africa’s Got Talent, interviewed by BBC Africa, performed in shows where he was spotted by the British ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire who offered him a scholarship to study in the UK.

In his first year at KS Dance (Warrington) in 2018, Yos showed promise and dedication in his classes, showing more and more interest in other genres such as contemporary dance, flamenco, and jazz. In his third year, he had to go back home for visa reasons, which resulted in obtaining The Global Talent visa. Yos decided then to focus on creating his own path, from working on other artists projects in various areas such as dance, fashion and films, to now creating his own work.

Nevertheless Yos’ story has caught many attentions, and got him appearing in the book Those Who Inspire, Côte d’Ivoire alongside Didier Drogba (former Chelsea football player). Yos has his story told all over the UK alongside the screening of The Red Shoes by Powell & Pressburger. He also danced in the latest Vivienne Westwood campaign, was in Harvey Nichols window display as part of London Fashion Week for designer Roksanda, danced live in fashion shows, appeared in Vogue Italia in 2020, and the list goes on…

Yos Clark