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Kim Bormann

Kim is a German-Chinese movement artist. She completed her BA and MA in Germany, moved to the UK to undertake further dance training and graduated with a PGCert in Physical Theatre | JV.

She has subsequently gained a wealth of experience, teaching, performing and directing. She is part of the Gaga dance community and remains inspired by working with Julyen Hamilton and Jorge Crescis.

In recent years she has been working with Purple Theatre and 1623 Theatre Company, growing her experience as movement director and continues to perform.

Her interest and research into Taoist ideas deepens her somatic understanding in choreography, facilitation and performance and stimulates further growth. She is delighted about a growing network of individuals, seeking facilitation 1-2-1 and in groups, inspiring and framing space for their projects to come to life.


About her classes

Kim’s practice ‘CircularDynamics’ is inspired by movement itself and explores the idea of Movement Poetry and The Thinking Body. In class she guides participants dynamically, highlights possibilities for the dancing, imaginative, freeing body with lightness and playfulness and seeks to transform limitations into new potential. Throughout the session, we stay in continuous flow, dancing in-between segments of free exploration and set material.

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