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Janine Fletcher and Kristin Loeer

Residency:  Choreographic Practices and Lived Experiences

This residency brings together Somatic Experiencing (SE) and choreographic practice to explore working with lived experience in creative ways. Drawing on their complementary practices Janine and Kristin will devise frameworks for utilising the nervous system within creative exploration.  An important part of this work will be resilience building and offering tools and resources to navigate working creatively with lived experience in a supporting and nurturing environment.

The residency includes an intensive workshop for dance artists exploring ways to tune into our sensations, feelings, impulses and lived experiences and working creatively with what we find.  There will also be a workshop for dancers to explore how SE techniques can inform the creation and execution of movement vocabulary, and introduce SE techniques and movement forms that help participants tune into feelings/lived experience. 

More About Janine Fletcher and Kristin Loeer

Janine Fletcher is a choreographer, movement director & performer with over 20 years experience working in dance, theatre and cabaret.  She is fascinated by the knowledge we hold in our bodies and the different ways we can invite it to be present

Kristin Loeer is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, who helps her clients process trauma in the body and find a felt sense of authenticity and empowerment. She is particularly passionate about supporting artists in exploring their embodied life experience to enhance their work and wellbeing.



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Image credit: Rosie Powell

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