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Janhavi Sharma

Janhavi Sharma is a visual artist from Mumbai, India, currently living and working in Nottingham, UK. 

Her work explores the intimate conflicts of remembering, misremembering, and forgetting present within the material of gendered memory. She delves into the inaccuracies, and unreliabilities of anecdotal histories from a post-colonial feminist lens, and finds meanings in the distorted, folkloric structures of storytelling.

She works across photography, sculpture, and installation – using the tools of performance and fiction in reviving, and re-assembling narratives that contribute to, and transform her accumulated experience of the ‘self’. Her work also offers uninterrupted observations of how the domestic interacts with its immediate biodiversity and traces the ecological and socio-political trajectories of the materials and processes she interacts with. 

Janhavi Headshot