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Dwayne Church-Simms

Transition + Transit Curator

Dwayne Church-Simms, a Nottingham-born artist, curator, and cultural producer, boasts a rich background in dance and choreography, having served as a maker, performer, and educator.

His curatorial approach is anchored in fostering dialogue between individuals and their surroundings, meeting them where they are in this world and in their lives. He excels in crafting immersive atmospheres that effortlessly connect audiences and nurture genuine human interactions through the art of storytelling, imbued with profound emotion.

Leveraging the transformative power of storytelling, archival exploration, healing practices, and embodiment, Dwayne has made indelible contributions to international dance festivals and collaborated with various organizations across the UK. Notably, his insightful writing has graced the pages of esteemed publications, Hidden Movement: Contemporary Voices of Black British Dance.

Currently, Dwayne serves as the programme lead for FABRIC’s Centre for Advanced Training in the East Midlands, further cementing his dedication to advancing the arts and nurturing talent in the region.

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