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Craig McCorquodale

Residency: A new collaborative project

This residency marks the beginning of an ambitious, jointly-led collaboration between Craig, choreographer Jenni Jackson and scenographer Rosie Elnile. Bringing together social practice, theatrical epics and sports spectacles, they will interrogate power, brokenness and processes of material transformation. They will engage with choirs, craftspeople and contact sports audiences and collaborate with local community groups in and out of the studio to explore the potential of a large, intergenerational cast or bodies en masse.  

At the core of this collaboration lies an enquiry around making contemporary performance at scale and how experimental work can occupy bigger spaces, attract new audiences and present genre-defying, era-defining images.  


More About Craig McCorquodale

Based in Glasgow, Craig makes experimental performance, events and invitations for participation in a range of contexts, working with the aesthetic potential of professional and non-professional performers. He questions what’s at risk, who enters the stage and how young artists can make work at scale. 

In 2021, he was awarded the Jerwood Arts Live Work Fund and undertook research between choreography, masculinity and construction. From here, he presented work inspired by Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Maintenance Art Manifesto 1969, as part of Wunder der Prärie Festival at Zeitraumexit in Mannheim. He is currently touring a one-to-one performance walk internationally, as well as beginning a new site-specific project for a hilltop which will premiere in Spring 2025. He was recently awarded the Jerwood New Work Fund. 


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