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Aura Fonseca

FABRIC Residency: Trans*Performativity
Saturday 21 September to Friday 4 October 2024

The project proposes to explore the intersection between artistic research and practice, digital and physical elements, the trans community and the society. It is based on the premise of how to transpose the experience of trans people into a work with an artistic, cultural and social impact, where the movement subjectively represents processes of transformation and metamorphosis, the scenography proposes an innovative and safe space, the costumes weave individual and collective identity and the light design gives visibility to underrepresented issues, allowing the audience to perceive, understand and participate freely.

The current public context of positive increased visibility and understanding of gender issues, while at the same time a rise in hate speech, violence and misinformation, is the background to this unique project, created by trans people with the support of partner institutions, designed to establish a constant and strengthening dialogue between people of different genders, ethnicities and backgrounds, so that we can move towards a more fair, inclusive and tolerant world.

Based on research around gender studies, queer theories and transfeminist thoughts, AURA will experiment and apply the theory to audiovisual and movement practices.  By enabling various moments of joint creation and experience sharing, both personal and professional, it is hoped the project will combat the loneliness often felt by the trans community, establishing meaningful and exemplary connections in the cultural field, while following ethical and sustainable principles that equally value their work.

During this artistic residency, Aura will speak directly with local communities about gender and intersectionality, in order to build a discursive bridge between artist-public, transgender-cisgender. After each presentation, there will be an open conversation,  to imagine, question and reflect together.

At presentation venues, the project will be displayed in two different formats. The first will be exhibition and audiovisual through the display of five large projections / screens throughout the space, in which the public is invited to explore, see, hear, feel and relate to the different personal stories of each performer. The second will be performative and collaborative through the creation of a performance with the artistic team and input from external eyes, to be openly shared with the public.


More About AURA Fonseca

AURA (1997. Porto-London) is a transdisciplinary artist interested in identity and sustainability issues and co-founder of Asterisco, a space and platform for underrepresented artists. Her work was presented at The Place, Nottingham Contemporary, Centre for Live Art Yorkshire, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Municipal Theatre of Porto, Municipal Galleries of Lisbon, Mala Voadora, Rua das Gaivotas 6, Maia Contemporary Art Biennial, among others. Holds a MA in Performance Making by Goldsmiths and a BA in Fine Arts and Intermedia by ESAP and Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

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Image by Sophia Calvet

Aura Transperformativity Mainphoto By Sofia Calvet